A House

Imagination Unbound
I once had a hedgehog.
His name was Harry.
He lived in a flat
under the shed in our garden.
It wasn't much, I suppose...
But it was home.
Mum used to feed Harry every night.
She'd put cat food in a little
                  red bowl outside the shed.
We NEVER saw
Harry eat...
But every morning
             the little red bowl
             was empty.
One day,
Mum packed the little red bowl
in a  bigbrown   box 
She moved to a flat in the city.
After she left,
    I put cat food in a green
         bowl by the shed.
But every morning
it was still full...
I guess Harry misses
his little red bowl.
One day, Emily moved in.
She's nice-ish and tall-ish.
...and she really likes birds.
Emily says the shed looks
One day, I find it in a pile
in the back of the yard.
I wonder where homeless hedgehogs go?